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This is the place where friends can post artwork to, for, and about Jaenet.
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Galla and Jaenet

Galla and Jaenet.

My family moved to Santa Fe-and I started at Prep-in October of our junior year. Jaenet, Mary, Ed, and Larry were my first (and best) friends. They really welcomed me and made the transition to a new school and town bearable and enjoyable for me.

Jaenet especially was so very warm, unassuming, and open in her dealings with me (and everyone I saw her with). I remember being astounded that someone so beautiful, funny, and fiercely intelligent displayed not a shred of ego. Really, she didn't have to give me the time of day and it wouldn't have mattered to her, but that wasn't her way of interacting with people. As you know, she was a ray of sunshine in many people's lives (mine included). And she was wise and mature beyond her years (much more mature than I was!).

Anyway, on Wednesdays none of the five of us had afternoon classes so we would often leave school for the day. We would pile into one or two cars and have lunch together at Tomasita's. This was where I learned to love green chile. And one of the places our friendships were nurtured.

Truthfully, Jaenet and I ate together many times at Tomasita's. Recently, I was there for dinner with my family and couldn't help but think about Jaenet. So, I told my wife and daughter about the fond memories I had of eating there with Jaenet and the others.

- Scott Gerber            

Day lilies awaken

Day lilies awaken.

D'Artagnon    D'Artagnon


2014 Jaenet's Roses!

Jaenet's roses 2014!

small family photo


hello moon



With permission of Linda Turner -


Galla's Wedding


Family Portrait 2013




Chris, Maire, Bill, Jaenet & Jon


Jaenet, Chris, Judy, Jon, Bill & Maire


This is a photo of an etui - a display case - built to display the awards and trophies garnered by Triassic Hall: Building the Triassic Exhibit from the Ground Up by Jaenet Guggenheim and Dr Spencer Lucas. * It is located in NatureWorks Discovery Store, the Museum's gift shop. These trophies were awarded to the Triassic Hall book this year. This book is truly a expedition through the museum's newest exhibit hall. Read the book as you journey through it. Compare the before to the after. Follow the step-by-step descriptions of the processes used to assemble the material. Learn how the globe was made. Make a list of the fossils as you see them. And don't forget Kirby, the living fossil.

New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science 1801 Mountain Road · Albuquerque
Open 9 to 5 every day (except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day)

List of awards: 2012 Winner NM-AZ Book Awards: Best New Mexico Book; Juvenile Winner NM-AZ Book Awards. 1st Place Winner 2012 Benjamin Franklin Award: Teen Nonfiction 13-18 years old. ForeWord Review: Finalist Book of the Year Award. NMBA Southwest Book Design and Production Finalist: Children and Young Adults.

* Published by Azro Press, Santa Fe, NM


The book signing at the NMMNH on January 27, 2012. L to r: Dwayne Ullibari, Matt Celesky, Mary Sundstrom, Gae, Larry Rinehart, Spencer Lucas, Mike Pierce, Justin Spielman, Sam Nelson.
Herman & Poppy

Blau Dove

Painting by Nicole Blau
D'art & D'Arci

D'Art and D'Arci
D'art Pup

D'Arci as a puppy

Thank you to the person who sent the White Moth Orchid on Jaenet's birthday.

Jaenet & Mark at the Victory Gallop.
Jaenet Friend 1


Paintings by Nicole Blau.