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Triassic Hall
Building the Triassic Exhibit from the Ground Up

Now Available Online:
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1st Place Winner 2012 Benjamin Franklin Award
Teen: Nonfiction (13 - 18 years)
Finalist 2012 Southwest Book Design & Production Award
Children & Young Adults
Finalist 2011 Book of the Year Award

How do approximately 100 people build a museum exhibit hall on the Triassic Period of earth history, its fossil record, and the lessons about biodiversity it teaches? Read this remarkable book to find out. Through words and photographs, Jaenet Guggenheim has captured the complex process by which a natural history museum built a totally unique exhibit hall devoted to a critical juncture in the history of life.
- Dr. Spencer G. Lucas

Jaenet Guggenheim plunged with great fervor into this marvelous project. She spent whole days and months with the artists, fabricators, and paleontologists photographing and recording their instructive comments, which are woven into the text of this book. You will hear their voices clearly throughout the chapters. What you hear may surprise you! This book also features two special sections: one pertaining to the many opportunities that artists can find working with a museum, and a glossary.