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Herman and Poppy Go Singing in the Hills
A delightful story about the friendship between a horse and a pony, it is set in Santa Fe. This is Jaenet's best-known story.

Currently out of print, may be reissued.

Written & illustrated by Jaenet Guggenheim

Set in a high desert plateau of the Southwest, this book tells the story of a special friendship between a horse named Herman and a pony named Poppy. In the summer, they spend the days splashing in the water, racing over the plains, and rolling in mud puddles. In the fall, they enjoy jumping in the fallen leaves. In the winter, they make snow angels and snow ponies. One frosty morning, Herman notices that Poppy is missing, and he sets off in search of his friend. The search leads him down trails he has not noticed before. After a while, strange music draws him to the clearing where Poppy lies sleeping beneath the singing rocks. Upon awaking, Poppy and Herman joyfully return home, singing all the way.

OUT OF PRINT ISBN 0-9660239-1-9